Quicklock, a portable door lock that really works

Easy to fit, makes you feel more safe and secure

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Quicklock Portable Door Lock

The Quicklock portable door lock is ideal for the traveler who wants to add security to their hotel, motel, hostel or dorm room door. This portable door lock easily attaches to a door from the inside, preventing it from being opened on the outside.

Many travelers these days worry about intruders breaking into their room. Hotel and motel security varies from place to place. Often you won’t know how secure your room door will be until you actually arrive at your destination. Even if your room door seems secure enough, are you’re really certain?

How do you really know if the hotel changed the key code to your door? Or if they use standard keys, how do you know there aren’t extra copies that might end up in the wrong hands? Even the best hotels have breaches in security that could lead to an intruder breaking into your room while you’re inside.

Imagine you’re a student staying at a hostel or a vacationer at a . These types of accommodations don’t always have the best quality doors or door locks. Wouldn’t you feel safer knowing there was a simple device you could bring with you that would work on your hotel door lock for added security?

The Quicklock portable door lock is just that device. It’s a travel door lock you can securely attach to a door handle from the inside to block someone from entering on the outside.

This hotel door lock resembles a seat belt. In fact, it’s about as easy to use as a seat belt. Simply take the long strap portion with its the-door hook and place it over the top edge of the door. Then gently close the door.

Then take the buckle strap and tighten it over the door handle. Clip both straps together and tighten it for added security. It’s that easy and takes minutes to do!

Because the Quicklock portable door lock is lightweight and small, it’s the ideal travel security device. You can stash it away without having to take up a lot of valuable room in your luggage or backpack.

It’s also quick to undo when you need to open your door. Simply push the quick release button and the portable door lock mechanism opens. In seconds, you can have the two straps off the door and back in your luggage, ready to move on to your next destination.

Travel should be fun and enjoyable. Give yourself peace of mind and a good night’s rest when you’re traveling by using the Quicklock portable door lock to keep yourself and your valuables safe from intruders. This travel door lock also makes a thoughtful gift. If your loved one or friend is planning a special trip, give them one to ensure they have a happy and safe adventure.


Portable door lock, quicklock. A scenario

Quicklock Portable Door Lock.

Travelling far away from home presents unique security challenges. If you are choosing to stay in a hotel or cabin you may not feel completely safe and secure with the simple doorlock that is provided. But there is a way to keep your family safe from intruders without carrying around your own dead bolt. The quick lock portable doorlock has now made it possible to be safe and secure no matter where you are staying.

Imagine a traveling student far away from home staying in hotels and hostels across Europe. Because she knows she is an easy target for criminals she finds it difficult to have complete peace of mind in the door locks provided by her temporary residence. Instead of letting complete faith in the security measures offered she chooses to carry with her the quick lock portable doorlock. She is concerned with every aspect of travel security, and making sure that she can rest easily is a vital part of the journey. Her hotel doorlock keeps her safe and sound no matter where she spends the night. She doesn’t have to be the victim and she chooses not to be by purchasing the portable doorlock.

Even if you aren’t a student traveling abroad, you can still make use of the quick lock portable doorlock. Family vacations, business travels, and adventure holidays present you with unique challenges and the doorlock helps ease your mind. The doorlock is easy to install and fits on any door. Simply adjust the metal brackets over the top of the door close it and attach the quick touch and click button adjusting the fit so it is snug. It’s as simple as that! No complicated installation or time-consuming process. Simply fit, adjust, and snap. Once it is secure and in place intruders cannot get in from the outside.

Make your journey safe secure and comfortable by choosing the travel doorlock!

Quicklock portable door lock demonstration video

Quicklock is so easy to use, it takes just seconds to fix it in place and then no time at all to release it when you want to open the door.

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Quicklock, a close up of it in action


This door handle is secured with the Quicklock.

As you can see, the door handle can not be pressed down thanks to the Quicklock.  This prevents people on the other side of the door opening it, even if they have a key for the lock.

You will secure and safe with the Quicklock in place

A simple squeeze of the quick release buckle and the Quicklock springs undone, bringing the door handle back into play in an instant

Just lock-n-block with Quicklock

Door handle can't be operated from outside

Quicklock, the portable door lock works on sliding doors too.

Quicklock works on sliding doors too.

Simply hook onto the door handle and then to something secure at the other end and that’s it, the sliding door is secured

Again, the quick release buckle makes it very easy and very quick to release the Quicklock whenever you want to.

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Sliding door secured with Quicklock

Quicklock is fitted in seconds and released immediately if necessary


Quicklock is fitted to a door in just seconds and really does secure the door handle so that it can’t be pressed down from outside

The bright yellow sticker makes the quick release buckle easy to see and, when the door needs to be opened from your side, a quick squeeze on the buckle is all it takes.

The Quicklock releases instantly and the door handle can be used again

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Door handle can't be operated from outside

Quicklock, the travel door lock that really does work

The Quicklock hooks over the top of the door and fastens to the door handle.

A quick pull on the strap and it is tight, tight enough so that the handle can not be pressed down from the other side of the door

You will feel much more safe and secure with the Quicklock portable door lock in place

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this door is secured with the quicklock

Quicklock, a truly portable door lock



Truly portable, the quicklock fits in the palm of your hand.  It takes up no space at all in your luggage and, if you need it even once on your trip, you will be glad you packed it

Lightweight too, you will not even notice you are carrying it!

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Quicklock really is portable